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Jacobus Studios - Still better than a poke in the eye.

Featured Art

Scare School

Scare School

After nearly 15 years, R. L. Stine and Tim Jacobus have teamed up together again. R. L. has created an exciting new graphic novel for BOOM! publications called Scare School. Tim was asked to step on board to create a special edition cover that will be available through Barnes and Noble in the Fall of 2019.

The mix of their words and images still has a spark of magic.






The Store Is Open!

After years of loyal support and many requests, we've officially launched our online store. Stop in, take a look and grab something cool for yourself or to pass along as a unique gift.

Road Dates 2020

Tim's hitting the road! Appearances will be made at a number of conventions and expos around the U.S. Below are the first confirmed events, location and date. Additional dates to follow. We hope to see you there!

Tampa Bay
Comic Con

Tampa Bay, FL
Tampa Convention Center
July 10 thru
July 12, 2020
More Info...

Pop Fest

Monroe, MI
MTB Expo Center
September 19, 2020
More Info...


Fort Wayne, IN
Grand Wayne Center
October 16 thru
October 18, 2020
More Info...